Using Drones to Create Stunning Virtual Events

Drones are known for their use in photography and videography, with the ability to shoot photos and footage from more angles than anyone could possibly do on their own. The drone market was more or less in a nascent stage for years until it broke into the mainstream in 2016, and it’s now a global multibillion-pound industry.

This growth has come about due to all sorts of interesting applications of the technology. Even beyond photography, for instance, drones are useful for spraying disinfectants, or for conducting safe site inspections in the construction industry.

One of the most ingenious uses of drones is in creating stunning virtual events. Because of lockdown measures and social distancing guidelines that have gone on sporadically for nearly two years now, we’ve seen countless virtual events since the start of the pandemic. Aside from the usual cameras and tripods, event organizers have used drones to elevate the experience for their digital attendees.

Drones can provide your audience with the ultimate immersive experience. Regardless of whether it’s a concert or sports event, drones can get much closer to the action compared to any photographer. They can provide footage from any angle and easily and smoothly follow the movement.

But live-streaming with drones also doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the event itself. You can also use the drone to move around the venue as said the event is being prepared — giving viewers a fascinating ‘behind-the-scenes’ vantage point.

Aside from using drones for videography, you can also use them as one of the main stars of your show by orchestrating drone performances, such as this exhibition by ZEROTECH:

No matter how you plan to utilize drone technology to improve your virtual event, you’ll need to consider a few things:

Type of drone

Not all drones can be used for events. For instance, if you’re shooting outdoors, you’ll want something that is sturdy and can withstand environmental elements.

For this reason, the Mavic 2 Zoom is a great pick for amazing outdoor photos and videos. It uses a high-density interconnect PCB, which is a printed circuit board in which complex components can be packed into a thin, compact structure.

Basically, it means packing more power and capability into a smaller package. This ensures that the drone remains lightweight despite being slightly bigger than previous Mavic drones. With a maximum speed of about 77kph and the ability to shoot 4k videos at 100 Mbps, you’ll be able to capture action shots from events like horse races. It has a Level 5 wind resistance and can withstand winds of up to 37kph.

For indoor events, the DJI Mini 2 is ideal and has a 4k camera and 31 minutes of flight time. It’s also equipped with 6-axis flight control systems (which means it’s stable and can respond quickly enough to sudden gusts of wind) and is capable of some very impressive altitude. The best part is, it only weighs 249 grams due to which, you don’t have to register it with aviation authorities in most countries.

Apart from these consumer drones, there are professional drones specifically designed to cover high-end evens professionally. They have better-equipped cameras and 3-axis gimbals to make the videos look more professional and high resolution. The DJI Inspire series is an example of such drones that are specifically designed for filmmakers and other professional videographers.

Drone policies

Before you even start to use your drone, it’s important to know your country’s drone policies, as well as the venue’s. Some regulations include making sure the images/videos you obtain do not break privacy laws, and you should not fly within 50 metres of people, vehicles, or buildings without their permission.

Certain rules may differ according to venue, so make sure you familiarise yourself with them first, so you don’t get subjected to penalties or even criminal charges. Make sure your drone is registered with the proper authorities in your country and you have a remote pilot license if required by local law.


Drones are popular nowadays. They can be used in a variety of ways not only for hobby flying but to record stunning videos and images.

They are becoming a popular choice for covering virtual events where they have the distinct advantage of covering the event from multiple angles which were not possible with the traditional camera crew. But you’ll need to make the correct preparations to ensure that you can utilise them to improve your event.

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