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Market Speculates the Release of New DJI Mavic 4

It’s been 3 years since we got the flagship Mavic 3 drone in 2021 and perhaps its time DJI refreshes their top-of-the-line model for all the existing and new drone enthusiasts.

The DJI Mavic 3 was released in November 2021 and after a year and a half, it was refreshed with the Mavic 3 Pro where we saw some improvements to the the same model.

The 3-year gap and some unofficial leaks suggest the new DJI Mavic 4 will be released in Q4 of 2024, possibly right around November, to gear up sales for the holiday shopping season.

What can we expect from Mavic 4?

DJI’s Mavic series is highly regarded among drone enthusiasts and professionals for blending high-quality imaging technology with user-friendly designs at a (debatably) reasonable price point.

Expectations for the Mavic 4 are high, with speculations suggesting among other things, it might also get a dual-camera setup like the DJI Air 3 got recently.

The dual camera will also differentiate it from the Mavic 3 Pro triple camera setup which DJI might reserve for the Pro model of the Mavic 4 that will follow a year or so after the Mavic 4 release.

Pricing and Availability

The original Mavic 3 launched with a pricing of around $2,199 / £1,879 / AU$3,099, and DJI might launch the Mavic 4 within a similar or slightly higher price range, depending on the new features it introduces.

Keep in mind that this is the top of the line model and DJI would not want to price it lower to cut the sales of the more affordable yet still featured-rich DJI Air 3

Speculation and Leaked Insights

Let’s talk about some of the recent online leaks that can give us a hint about the imminent release of the new DJI Mavic model.

A recent tweet posted by long-time DJI insider and drone enthusiast Jasper Ellens confirms the beta testing of the new Mavic 4.

Market Speculates the Release of New DJI Mavic 4

While some speculate the model shown in the leaked video can possibly be the Air 3S, Ellen believes it’s the much anticipated Mavic 4 that is going through beta testing.

This ambiguity only adds to the public’s curiosity and anticipation for DJI’s next big release.

Mavic 4 Wishlist

Let’s talk about some of the things we would want to see in the upgraded new model of the Mavic line:

  • An enhanced main camera possibly featuring an APS-C sensor to elevate resolution and image quality.
  • A dual-camera system for increased flexibility, akin to the DJI Air 3, offering both wide and zoom capabilities without compromising on sensor size.
  • Improved dynamic range to aid videographers and photographers in capturing more detailed high-contrast scenes.
  • Vertical shooting capabilities without needing to rotate the camera and gimbal, streamlining the shooting process.
  • Extended flight times, pushing beyond the current 43 minutes to possibly an hour, would significantly benefit prolonged aerial shooting sessions.

In Summary

As the possible release window for the DJI Mavic 4 approaches, the drone community remains on alert for any official announcements from DJI.

This next iteration in the Mavic series is poised to push the boundaries of drone technology further, maintaining DJI’s stronghold in the market.

Drone enthusiasts and professionals alike are eager to see how the new model will compare to its predecessors and what new benchmarks it will set in the ever-evolving drone landscape.