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DJI Mini 3 Pro RC Controller Not Charging [QUICK Fix]

If you have been following the DJI Mini 3 Pro development and release date, you would feel that DJI rushed the product to market when it was not clearly ready technically and logistically.

Since its launch in May 2022, it has received quite a few complaints from the users like low range and the new Mini 3 RC not charging out of the box.

If you are one of those whose DJI Mini 3 RC remote controller is not charging for the first time, you are in the right place.

Users have been reporting weird charging issues with their RCs. For some, the RC works fine for a few days and then stop charging. For others, the RC won’t charge right out of the box.

The LED indicators usually give a fault code that helps with diagnosis. But in this case, users have been seeing random LED patterns (check one such video below)

I have talked to new Mini 3 Pro users to find possible fixes for the issue. Below are the top solutions for DJI Mini 3 Pro RC not charging.

1. Activate your drone

If you have owned DJI drones before, you should know that all drones are activated and attached to your DJI account before flying. The same is the case with DJI Mini 3 Pro.

However, for some weird reasons, users have found that their RC will not charge before they activate their drone and sign in to their DJI account.

So if your Mini 3 Pro RC is not charging, first activate your drone, log in to your DJI account and then try charging.

2. Update the firmware

It’s a common practice for most OTA electronics to update the firmware to the newest one right after you unbox it.

The reason is that the product has been sitting inside a sealed box for a long time during which, a few firmware updates have been issued and you are basically running outdated software.

This is the most common fix I have found for the RC not charging issue. Users who faced this issue got it solved right after they updated the RC to the latest firmware.

To update your firmware, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install DJI Assistant on your computer
  • Turn on your RC and connect it to the computer via a USB-C cable.
  • Launch the DJI Assistant and wait for it to detect your RC.
  • Select your RC and check for firmware updates.
  • If available, download and install the new firmware.
  • Once completed, unplug the RC and turn it OFF
  • Plug in the charger and check if it is charging now.
  • Leave it on charge for a few hours to fully charge it for your first use.
DJI Mini 3 Pro RC Controller Not Charging

3. Use a 65W charger

The DJI official charging brick that comes in the package is rated 30W. It’s enough to charge the Intelligent Flight Battery but sometimes, a more powerful charger is needed.

If your Mini 3 remote controller is still not charging after activation and firmware update, the next thing you should try is using a high-power adapter.

If you have a Macbook power brick, you can use that or get a dedicated 65W power brick from amazon.

I would recommend the one below that I have used with smartphones and laptops. Works great.

65W Charger
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4. Change your USB cable

Sometimes, the issue is as small as a faulty cable. If your RC has been charging fine previously and is only acting weird now, it might be due to a bad cable.

If you ruled out the big problems (firmware, activation, power brick etc), also change the cable for once and see if that is the problem.

You can also check the cable with your smartphone or even the drone and see if that is charging fine.

5. Reset your controller

If your RC was working fine previously and has just recently been acting up, a factory reset can sort it out if its due to a temporary glitch.

A factory reset restores the device to its original factory settings and deletes all apps, storage and cache. So make sure you have nothing important inside the storage.

To factory reset your controller, Go to System > Reset options, Select Erase all data (factory reset), and Click Erase all data.

Once reset is complete and your RC reboots, plug the charger in and see if the charging problem is solved.

6. Return it for repair/replacement

If you did everything and nothing has worked for your RC, perhaps its time to send your device back to DJI and had them repair or replace it for you.

The charging issue pops up quickly after unpacking and your drone should still be in warranty.

DJI RC controller not charging – final words

DJI RC (Mini 3) not charging is a fairly common issue among new Mini 3 Pro users. The issue has its roots mainly in software but some people have tracked it to hardware faults as well.

The overall cause (in my opinion) is rushed production to meet tight deadlines and fierce competition in the sub 250g consumer drone market.

I hope this detailed guide will fix your RC charging issue. If not, its a good idea to return the device and get a new one (or a refund) as long as your device is under warranty.

Happy flying!

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  1. My controller after several uses do not take a charge. No lights, nothing.
    It is 9 months old. Bought in November 2022.

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