DJI Pocket 3 Release Date & Specs [LEAKED]

DJI is known for its awesome consumer products that have revolutionized the world of photography with its drones and handheld camera devices. The Pocket series is an example of that. The Pocket 2 was released in fall 2020 and it’s been two years and users are wondering about the DJI Pocket 3 release date.

According to a leaked DJI product roadmap, the DJI Pocket 3 will be released in November 2022. The DJI communication manager Curran Daly has also confirmed in a recent interview that DJI is releasing new drones and cameras in 2022.

Let’s look at all the leaked information we have so far about the new DJI Pocket 3. I will keep this page updated with the latest news and leaks till we have the new device in hand.

DJI Pocket 3 release date – leaked

A well-known DJI insider and pilot @DealsDrone posted what appears to be a leaked document that shows the upcoming DJI products in 2022. According to the document, Pocket 3 is set to be released in the 11th month of 2022 i-e November.

DJI Pocket 3 Release Date & Specs [LEAKED]

The Pocket 2 has several problems with the software. The Mimo app was slow and glitchy and the 1/1.17″ camera lens was not very good for night mode. Perhaps this was a good handheld camera in 2020 but not in 2022. Pocket series is due for an upgrade and 2022 seems to be the year.

DJI Communication manager Curran Daly appeared on PiXL drone show back in January and confirmed that DJI is working on a number of drones as well as camera and gimble items to be released in 2022. This aligns and confirms the leaked roadmap. So we might see a new Pocket 3 in as soon as November.

What should we expect in DJI Pocket 3?

CAMERA UPDATE: The Pocket 2 came with 1/1.17″ which is not bad but it didn’t perform well at low light. You had to push it to 6000 ISO to get a decent picture.

With Pocket 3, we might get a bigger lens maybe the 1″ sensor we saw in Mavic Air 2. This might add considerable bulk to the gimble and the overall design but it would be worth the trade-off with portability.

Some people are expecting the new Cine camera we saw in Mavic 3 but I think that will be an overstretch both size-wise and budget-wise. If we also get a raw shooting codec or even Prores codec that would be awesome as well.

If the colors are bumped up to 10 bits that will allow shooting real HDR videos. An improved dynamic range of 13-14 stops would allow better color grading as well.

REMOVABLE BATTERY: Modular designs are always good. They give you the flexibility to remove and replace any faulty part and batteries are notorious for degrading over time. It would be nice if we see a removable battery in Pocket 3 that can be swiped in a year or two when the capacity depletes.

FAST WIRELESS / WiFi: The Mimo app that accompanies the Pocket 2 is notoriously buggy and slow. The connection takes forever and is generally considered a broken app among the users. It also hasn’t been updated in ages and DJI seems to ignore it.

With the Pocket 3, we might see a refreshed app, fast wireless connection, and maybe a built-in WiFi or Bluetooth connection with a capability to live feed videos to your smartphone.

MIC JACK: A mic jack that can connect to a third-party mic would be a good addition to the Pocket 3. It will give us better audio recording capability and control.

PLAYBACK SPEAKERS: A set of internal playback speakers would be a nice addition as well. It might be a challenge to accommodate a good quality speaker inside.

Pocket 3 alternatives for now

Till you are waiting for the new Pocket 3, here are a few alternatives (apart from Pocket 2) that you can consider buying for your outdoor experience.

7 thoughts on “DJI Pocket 3 Release Date & Specs [LEAKED]”

  1. Well I almost stick my neck out to buy a DJI pocket combo 2 but the cheapest was eBay $600 but now ready the News about the new pocket 3 I’ll be waiting for it it’s probably going to be about $900 but .I think u get what you pay for . Just hoping they deliver a great item and thinking about buying a GoPro hero 10 as I’m going over Sea later this year. My phone is great but think the dji pocket combo 3 will be the Best. Nothing so annoying out and only have a crappy picture and camera are to big and bulky.

  2. Actually I wanted to buy DJI Pocket2 But after I read this article I become confuse. Now I am thinking should I wait for DJI Pocket 3 or I should but DJI2 now. However, I am very keen to make my own blog and need to buy one camera. You have given some alternative here but I don’t now that would be great idea to buy or not.

    1. Same here.. although I don’t really want to wait until November. I would buy the Pocket II now, I think. But I agree with you.

  3. Good to know, I’ve been looking at cameras and the Pocket 2 ticked a lot of my boxes, but I was hesitant because a lot of recent reviews have pointed to a lack of firmware updates as evidence that the Pocket 3 was likely on its way, having some confirmation is great, I plan to wait until reviews are out for the 3 (and the 2 presumably drops in price even more) and I’ll compare the pair to see which one suits me best.

  4. The do it all handle provides an external speaker and a jack for third party mics, and is essential in order to connect to WiFi anyway. Still, looking forward to the pocket 3. I hope they fix the live stream function. Right now it is insanely impractical.

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