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How to Change Units to Feet on DJI Fly App?

DJI uses a metric system (meters, kilometers) for measuring distances and speed by default. But for some people especially in the US, the metric system might seem alien. So if you are one of those and wondering how to change units to feet on DJI fly app, follow the simple guide below.

First of all, open your DJI Fly App and connect your drone and make sure everything is working correctly and you are ready to take off.

Next, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the DJI Fly app to open the app settings (see image below)

How to Change Units to Feet on DJI Fly App

Once you click it, the app settings will open up and you will see the below screen. Next, click on the “Control” button at the top of the settings panel (see image below)

dji fly app screenshot to change unit of measure

In the Control panel, you will see Units option at the very top. Here you can switch from Metric (meter, m/s) to Imperial (feet, mph). Click on the Imperial as shown by the red arrow.

screenshot of dji fly app to swith from metric to imperial units

Click on the man screen and confirm that all your units are now in the Imperial system at the bottom left corner of the DJI Fly screen ( check the image below)

Imperial units on dji fly app screen

Now, all your measurements will be shown in Imperial units. Your distance will be reported in feet and your speed will be reported in miles per hour (mph).

Changing units in DJI Flight Data Center

I have been using DJI Fly App since 2019 and there is a bug that has been going around till date. On Android devices, even after you change your Units to Imperial in the DJI Fly App, you will still see the flight log data in Metric units.

People have been complaining about this for a long time and it definitely is a bug on the Android version of the App (iOS works fine). I have checked the app on both Android phones and on Tablets (Samsung Tab 7s FE) and it seems to be a problem on both.

There has been no fix or hack around that so you will have to get used to seeing the flight data center log in metric unit system.

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