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DJI Leaks Steep Pricing Structure for Mini 3

The DJI Mini 3 is coming at the end of April. Recent leaks suggest the release date could be 28th April with shipping starting in May. As we are nearing the release date, more and more info is coming to the market.

Recently, Jasper Ellens, a long time DJI investigator has revealed what could be the domestic pricing structure for the new line of Mini 3 drones. Here is what he posted on his Twitter timeline.

DJI Leaks Steep Pricing Structure for Mini 3

The pricing forecast is for the domestic Chinese market and hence is in Chinese Yuan (1 Yuan = 0.16 USD). If we convert them to USD, here is what we will be getting at the current exchange rate.

VersionMini 3Mini 3 Pro
Standard Version$517$674
Fly More Combo$674$941
Fly More Combo + RC$988$1255
DJI mini 3 pricing structure (forecast)

But these might not be the final price DJI will offer in the US and other international markets. These will be slightly augmented due to import duties and logistics.

The Mini series was supposed to be a beginner-friendly drone where you get a good specs drone at a decent price and can fly it without even registering with the FAA. The success of Mini 1 & Mini 2 was a testament to market demand for drones that can be flown right out of the box.

However, as the demand skyrocketed for the sub 250g small drones, DJI seems to be pushing more cutting edge features inside the small body and charging more for it. The rumoured DJI Mini 3 specifications justify the price hike from the previous models.

The Fly More Combo+RC version may come with the built-in screen remote DJI released with the recent Mavic 3. However, the leaked picture says “RC” instead of the official name “RC Pro” which kind of suggests it might not be the Pro version of the RC but rather a basic budget opinion to go with the Mini 3 and 3 Pro.

I will keep this page updated as we get more information in form of official communication or unofficial leaks.

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