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Best Quadcopters Under 50 Dollars – (2021 Updated)

The world of drones is getting better and better with the advancement in technology. Drones that were once only available for professional flyers and were far expensive are now available for cheap. Thanks to the mass production of parts and components, even kids can buy a low-cost drone and enjoy the hobby.

Before we get to discuss our curated list of best quadcopters under 50 that you can buy, let’s have a quick look at what to expect in a low-cost drone.

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What to expect in a $50 drone?

We can categorize drones into three different categories based on their price and corresponding features and functions that we get in return. They will be:

  1. High-end drones: Drones with advanced features like auto-flight, advanced stability & control, 2K/4K camera, live FPV feed, etc. Their price starts upward of 400 USD. Examples: DJI Mavic Mini 2
  2. Medium-end Drones: Drones with features of the high-end drones but not very polished and well implemented. They work but not as good and some high-end features might be missing. Example: Holy Stone HS 100
  3. Low-end Drones: Drones with very basic flight features and are normally meant for learning or for kids. They make great gifts without breaking your bank.

In this article, I have curated a list of such low-end, low-cost drones that are fun to fly, make a great gift, and easily available on Amazon and other retail sites.

Design & built quality

The low-end drones that you can find for under 50 dollars are normally smaller in size and can easily fit the palm of your hand (you can even fly them from your palm). The built quality is not as polished as the high-end ones, but they still manage a good quality exterior. Most drones will come with replaceable or permanent prop guards since these drones are often bought by new pilots (and kids).

Battery & flight time

The small size directly affects how much weight the drone can carry. Since the battery makes the most of the take-off weight, you will find a relatively smaller battery onboard and shorter flight time. You can expect a flight time of around 5 – 8 minutes on one full charge.


You will find a camera on these drones that will connect to your smartphone and stream FPV videos, but the quality will not be at par with the high-end drones. But since these drones are flown just for fun and not for taking perfect aerial shots, you will be fine with a bit of low-resolution selfies.

Flying range

These toy category drones rely on onboard standard Wi-Fi to connect to the remote controller and to your smartphone (if the drone has a camera). So, their range is limited to less than 100 meters, but it is sufficient to fly them around in your backyard or the park.

Who are they for?

As we discussed earlier, these low-cost drones are not for professional use and are only meant for joy flying. They make excellent learner drones when you are new to the hobby. You can buy one, fly it around and learn the flight controls before you can take on a more expensive DJI drone. Since they are small and lightweight, you can bump them around the walls, and they pretty much will survive the hit.

Best Quadcopters Under 50 Dollars

Another great use of drones is for the kids. Kids are curious as hell and love things that fly and can be controlled from a remote controller. My 10 years old nephew cannot get enough of his Batwing Micro Drone. They make great Christmas gifts and kids love them.

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Best Drone Under $50 (2020)- Comparison List

The below list is arranged in descending order of value for money (#1 is the best value for money).

Sr. No.Manufacturer / ModelCameraFlight timeRangePrice & Availability
5Dragon Touch DK01No8 minutes60mCheck on Amazon
4ATTOP A110.3MP5 – 6 minutes45mCheck on Amazon
3Syma X5SW-V30.3MP5 – 7 minutes50mCheck on Amazon
2LBLA Micro Drone720p6 – 8 minute50mCheck on Amazon
1SIMREX X300C720p10 minutes40mCheck on Amazon

Best Quadcopters Under 50 Dollars – Reviews

1. Simrex X300C



Simrex X300C is a great toy category drone that carries a 720P camera which is impressive in this price range. It has some great flight features like Altitude Hold, Headless mode, 360-degree FPV video transmission over standard Wi-Fi, 6 Axis gyro for increased stability.

It can be controlled via your smartphone as well as the remote control that comes with it. The pre-programmed flight maneuvers are easy and fun to execute from your smartphone.

The best thing about the Simrex X300c is that it is really easy to set up and fly. The three flight modes allow you to tone down the drone as per your comfort level and fly without any prior training.

Overall, the is a pretty neat machine, and considering the price point and features you get, I can confidently say that it’s the best beginner drone under $50.

Key Features

  • 720p Camera
  • 10 minutes flight time
  • 6 Axis gyro stabilization
  • Altitude Hold
  • 30 – 40 meters range
  • foldable & highly portable
  • Headless mode

2. LBLA Micro Drone

LBLA micro drone under 50 usd


I can never get over the fact that a $50 drone with camera can record 720p HD videos. The LBLA micro drone does exactly that and it even cost less than $50 (check the latest price). I would have put this drone ahead of Simrex X300c but compared to Simrex, LBLA is not a very well-known name in the drones industry yet. Simrex is kind of a big name. But the features on this LBLA drone makes it only second to the X300c.

Apart from its impressive camera, this drone has all the bells and whistles necessary to enjoy a good Sunday afternoon flight including headless mode, 3D flip maneuvers, altitude hold, and one-key return to the home location. You don’t need to be a pilot to work this mini drone.

Thanks to its 720p camera, you can enjoy live FPV transmission over a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone and even your FPV goggles. It has a good enough range of 50m to shoot some aerial videos from altitude.

Overall, this is a neat drone that cannot go wrong with if purchased.

Key Features

  • 720p HD Camera
  • 6 – 8 minutes flight time
  • 6 Axis gyro stabilization
  • Altitude Hold
  • 50 meters range
  • one-key Return To Home
  • Headless mode

3. Syma X5SW V3

best beginner drone under $50


Syma is a big name in consumer drone manufacturing. They make some good low and mid-range drones. The Syma X5SW version 3 is a toy category drone with some great features.

The Syma X5SW has a fixed body much like the famous DJI Phantom 4 but compared to the Phantom, it is much smaller. It comes with a belly-mounted camera which isn’t HD but does its job well. It can take aerial shots and record perfect videos on your kid’s birthday for Instagram.

The onboard computer supports headless mode for easy flying and can execute pre-programmed flight maneuvers with a click of a button. The 6-axis gyroscope enables a stable flight. You can control the drone using your smartphone as well as the remote control that comes with it.

The good thing I like the most about the Syma X5SW is its ability to be charged with a USB. That means you can charge your drone via a standard battery bank out in the field without needing a wall outlet. Pretty cool. right?

Key Features

  • 0.3M Camera with FPV feed
  • 5 – 7 minutes flight time
  • 6 Axis gyro stabilization
  • 50 meters range
  • Headless mode
  • Dual RC & Smartphone control
  • Convenient USB charging

4. ATTOP A11 Mini Drone

ATTOP A11 Mini Drone under 50 usd


I love drones that have foldable arms. They are much better to carry around and save valuable space when you are moving around. The ATTOP A11 is a toy category drone mainly designed for children under age 14 and has retractable arms. It is so small that the entire drone can be folded and put inside the Remote control. That’s so cool.

Since the drone is primarily designed for a younger audience, it has all the functionalities to make it kids friendly including crash-safe prop guards, one key take-off & land, headless mode, and altitude hold when you take your hands off the control sticks.

Probably the best feature of the drone is its support for augmented reality games inside the App. You can fly your drone, turn your phone camera and shoot some virtual enemy ships with your real drone. It’s an amazing blend of the virtual and real world.

Key Features

  • Good quality camera
  • 5 – 6 minutes flight time
  • Headless mode
  • 45 meters range
  • Altitude hold
  • Dual RC & Smartphone control
  • Support AR games

5. Dragon Touch DK01

Dragon Touch DK01 drone under 50 dollars


The Dragon Touch DJ01 is another great drone in the kids category with some interesting features. First of all, this is probably the safest drone you might want for your kids to fly inside the house. The propellers are protected from crashing into anything by a permanent set of prop guards. I remember my nephew breaking his mom’s expensive china with his Batwing which only comes with prop guards that you can easily take off. The guards on Dragon Touch are permanent.

This drone doesn’t have a camera so you can only fly it around for the fun of flying. It does have all the flight features you might expect in this category like the headless mode that makes it easier to fly, altitude hold, 3D flips, etc. It comes with 4 IR sensors on sides to avoid any collision during flight which is pretty handy during flying inside the house.

The one thing I love about this drone is its ability to be controlled by gravity sensors wrapped around your hand like a wristwatch. You can simply control the drone by moving your hand up down and side to side.

Key Features

  • 7 – 8 minutes flight time
  • Headless mode
  • 60 meters range
  • G-sensor control
  • Altitude hold
  • IR anti-collision sensors

Best Quadcopters Under 50 Dollars – Conclusion

The toy category drones available under $50 are great for newbie pilots who want to master the art of aerial maneuvers before jumping to big guns. They are also perfect for keeping your kids busy with a healthy activity that provides quality entertainment and invokes scientific curiosity.

Since they are low budget devices, you cannot expect high-end features, but they are perfect flying machines for the small price tag.

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